• A safe place in the shelter
  • Social assessment
  • Medical support - if needed
  • Juridical assistance
  • Psychological – individual and group – counseling
  • Women Club activities

Our service covers a complete service through guidance, counseling and shelter protection, but also advisory services with the view to a personal development.

A safe place in the shelter where clients gather their thoughts, begin to think about what they want to do next, and perhaps even start the process of making a new life for themselves.

Social assessment

Medical support

Within the shelter victims who suffered injuries are medically assisted. They also need to make their medical tests before entering the shelter.

Juridical assistance

Crisis Shelter Esther offers through its' collaborator lawyers all the juridical information needed by the victims to protect themselves and their children, to know their rights and to make further legal steps in their lives.

We also offer extensive referral and information systems to all clients through networks with numerous service providers, members of legal and medical communities, schools, churches, and local businesses.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling sessions in the Crisis Shelter Esther are encouraged for all victims of domestic violence on a residential basis.
One-on-one counseling offers to the beneficiary the opportunity to share the depths of her suffering and to vent her long-withheld anger and fears.
Psychologist help each victim recognize and appreciate her individual strengths as she works with her counselor in setting new goals and designing a plan to achieve them.
We also offer counseling services for children.

Group Counseling

A comprehensive group counseling program for residential clients allows women to share and compare their experiences, to practice new relationship skills, to discuss concerns for their families, and to encourage each other in planning for the future.

Tenant meeting provides a forum for emergency shelter residents to resolve conflicts that may arise in a group living setting and to discuss house policies and responsibilities.

Morning meeting focuses on emergency shelter residents' daily plans and achievements - such as acquiring housing or legal assistance. Long-term goals become more realistic when the significance of each day's successes is recognized.

Women Club

To set-up a Club of our Clients. These meetings held monthly will take place at House of Hope Center, will have a moderator, will supply cultural and social background and always will treat a subject (i.e. My dreams, Financial planning, Games, The Trust, ...), about which invited outsider lecturers will present own ideas. This is meant to help clients to increase knowledge but the level of socialization as well. We do not want to create an enclave through our shelter, but to integrate our clients better into to society. Later on the Club will have membership fee.

If you would like more information about the Crisis Shelter Esther group counseling services and other services , please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.