"Esther"Crisis shelter

Works under the umbrella of "HOME OF HOPE" REFORMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH-CENTER, Brasov, Romania.

A stay at "Esther" Crisis Shelter allows victims to assess their resources and options available for setting up new and safe lives for their families, while they begin rebuilding their shattered self images.

Shelter is among the most basic of human needs! The crisis shelter is a safe place to stay while you gather your thoughts, begin to think about what you want to do next and perhaps even start the process of making a new life for yourself and, if you have children, for them too.
Short term (maximum three weeks) shelter stays are available to women and their children who must seek safety from their abusers while they develop plans that will lead to violence-free lives.


The staff on our projects has accurate information about domestic abuse and is experienced in providing assistance. It is also familiar with other community resources that might be useful to you.

Staff members offer immediate counseling and support to victims of domestic violence using our dedicated crisis lines.

If you would like more information about "Esther" Crisis Shelter and its services, please call us at 0040-744-368196, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vision & Mission

Our organization's vision is to serve for the urban social, cultural and educational well-being of the individuals and families. We want to bring Contribution to the building of society without or at least, less Domestic Violence!!

We are actively involved also in solving some of the problems of a disturbed civil society in which the social, educational and legal protection was completely destroyed in the former communist regime and not yet rebuilt in the past 18 years. Our mission is to bring hope and break the cycle of domestic abuse by providing emergency and support services for victims and survivors of domestic violence. We also work toward the elimination of violence and oppression against women and their children.

Our philosophy: We believe that gender inequity and the resulting power imbalance in our culture play a central role in creating a society which allows the abuse of women. We are committed to a vision of a just society, and to changing the current beliefs and institutions which encourage violence against women.